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===United States History===
===United States History===
*[[What was the purpose of the Committee of Secret Correspondence during the American Revolution?]]
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*[[Why did the Continental Congress draft and sign the Declaration of Independence?]]
*[[How did the Treaty of Paris of 1783 end the American Revolution?]]
*[[Why did the Continental Congress adopt the Articles of Confederation?]]
*[[Why did the United States Continental Congress approve The Model Treaty of 1776?]]
*[[Why was George Washington's Farewell Address in 1796 Significant?]]
*[[Federalist Number 1 - Introducing the Constitution's Goals]]
*[[Why did Westward Expansion Lead to the American Revolution?]]
*[[How did Great Britain win the French Indian War (Seven Years War)?]]
*[[What was the Albany Plan Union of 1754?]]
*[[Top Ten Books on the Bubonic Plague]]
*[[Why Did the Bretton Woods Economic System End?]]
*[[What is the History of US Presidential Scandals?]]

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