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  1. How did American Filibusterers try to acquire territory for the United States in Latin America?
  2. How did Boccaccio influence the Renaissance?
  3. How did Brunelleschi influence the Italian Renaissance?
  4. How did Caesar's conquest of Gaul change both Rome and Gaul?
  5. How did Cato the Elder alter the course Roman history?
  6. How did Charles Mahan's "The Influence of Sea Power" shape American Foreign Policy?
  7. How did Dante influence the Renaissance?
  8. How did Father's Day develop?
  9. How did Leonardo Da Vinci influence the Renaissance?
  10. How did Memorial Day develop?
  11. How did Mother's Day develop?
  12. How did Oregon pass Medical Licensing Laws?
  13. How did Petrarch influence the Renaissance?
  14. How did Richard Nixon normalize diplomatic relations with China in 1972?
  15. How did Rome benefit from the destruction of Carthage in 146 BC?
  16. How did Savonarola influence the Reformation and Counter-Reformation?
  17. How did Sertorius impact the Roman World?
  18. How did Spain's defeat in the Spanish-American War (1898) change the country?
  19. How did Theodore Roosevelt help resolve the Russo-Japanese War with the Treaty of Portsmouth?
  20. How did Theodosius the Great change the Roman Empire?
  21. How did Timur change the history of the world?
  22. How did Weather Monitoring Develop?
  23. How did bath houses become popular?
  24. How did cats develop into pets?
  25. How did climate change influence Medieval and Early Modern Europe?
  26. How did climate change influence ancient Chinese societies?
  27. How did climate change influence the rise of ancient Egypt?
  28. How did cycling become popular?
  29. How did dogs develop into pets?
  30. How did eugenics develop and why did it persist into the late 20th Century?
  31. How did governments develop the idea of Prime Minister?
  32. How did governments develop the idea of Prime Minister Evolve?
  33. How did higher education develop in the United States?
  34. How did hot dogs develop into a popular food?
  35. How did police departments form?
  36. How did prisons develop?
  37. How did smallpox and tuberculous force the Medial Corps Office of Indian Affairs to reform?
  38. How did taxation and international trade led to the American Revolution?
  39. How did taxation emerge?
  40. How did the Byzantine Empire influence Russia?
  41. How did the Carter Administration react to the Soviet Union invasion of Afghanistan in 1978?
  42. How did the Citizen Genet Affair derail relations between the United States and France?
  43. How did the Colosseum get its name?
  44. How did the Emperor Trajan change the Roman Empire?
  45. How did the Enlightenment Philosophers View Race?
  46. How did the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu change the diplomatic approach of the United States to Vietnam?
  47. How did the Great Depression change American Foreign Policy?
  48. How did the Ionian Revolt (499-493 BC) change the Ancient World?
  49. How did the Muslim conquest change Spain?
  50. How did the Phoenecians contribute to civilization?
  51. How did the Phoenicians contribute to civilization?
  52. How did the Reagan Administration react to the Falklands War?
  53. How did the Reformation change Christianity?
  54. How did the Second Arab Siege of Constantinople 717-718, change world history?
  55. How did the Sepoy Rebellion (Indian Mutiny) change India?
  56. How did the Spanish American War of 1898 turn the United States into a Pacific Power?
  57. How did the United States Escalate the Vietnam War?
  58. How did the United States acquire Florida?
  59. How did the United States and Great Britain eliminate their dueling navies on the Great Lakes and establish their borders in 1818?
  60. How did the United States end the Vietnam War?
  61. How did the United States open Japan to trade in 1853?
  62. How did the United States react to the 1967 Arab-Israeli War?
  63. How did the United States react to the Arab-Israeli War of 1973?
  64. How did the United States react to the Chinese Revolution of 1949?
  65. How did the United States react to the Indo-Pakistan War of 1965?
  66. How did the United States react to the Suez Crisis in 1956?
  67. How did the United States react to the decolonization of Africa between 1945-1960?
  68. How did the United States resolve its dispute with Great Britain over the Oregon Territory?
  69. How did the United States respond to OPEC's oil embargo?
  70. How did the United States respond to the Taiwan Straits Crises in the 1950s?
  71. How did the United States respond to the creation of Bangladesh in 1971?
  72. How did the World React to the Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan in 1978 according to the CIA?
  73. How did the XYZ Affair lead to the Quasi-War between France and the United States?
  74. How did the battle of Manzikert (1071) change the Byzantine Empire?
  75. How did the fall of the Byzantine Emperor Maurice change history?
  76. How did the hamburger develop into a popular food?
  77. How did the telegraph change American Diplomacy in the 19th Century?
  78. How did the wars of the Byzantine Emperor Justinian, change history?
  79. How did the workweek develop?
  80. How did timekeeping devices develop?
  81. How did water parks develop?
  82. How did zoos develop?
  83. How do you study the history of espionage?
  84. How has our understanding of Democracy changed?
  85. How have immigration and citizenship changed in the U.S.?
  86. How have the relations between the United States of America and Russia changed since 1776?
  87. How historically accurate is Martin Scorsese's movie Silence?
  88. How historically accurate is The Post?
  89. How historically accurate is the Medici Masters of Florence Series?
  90. How historically accurate is the Post?
  91. How historically accurate is the movie 'A Bridge Too Far'?
  92. How historically accurate is the movie 'The Battle of the Bulge'?
  93. How historically accurate is the movie 'The Revenant'?
  94. How historically accurate is the movie 'Tora, Tora, Tora'?
  95. How historically accurate is the movie Dunkirk?
  96. How historically accurate is the movie Lincoln (2012)?
  97. How historically accurate is the movie The King's Speech?
  98. How historically accurate is the movie The Post?
  99. How important was Lucullus in the history of Rome?
  100. How was human genetics shaped by early human migrations?
  101. How was the Library of Alexandria Destroyed?
  102. How was the United Nations formed after World War Two?
  103. How were texts selected for the New Testament?
  104. In what way did the Social War (91-88 BCE) change Rome and Italy?
  105. In what ways did Peter the Great change Russia?
  106. In what ways did the Freikorps influence interwar Germany (1918-1933)?
  107. Input box
  108. Is Oliver Stone's movie 'Nixon' historically accurate?
  109. Is the movie Dunkirk historically accurate?
  110. Landmark Legal Cases: Roe v. Wade (1973)
  111. Make It Rain: Interview with Kristine C. Harper
  112. Medieval Philosophy Top Ten Booklist
  113. New Kingdom Ancient Egypt Top Ten Booklist
  114. Presidential Leadership Top Ten Booklist
  115. Sears was the most important retailer in America - Why has it collapsed?
  116. Shifting Boundaries by Alexis M. Silver - Book Review
  117. Ten Booklist on Presidential Leadership
  118. Ten Essential Books Pertaining to the Holocaust
  119. Test/Original
  120. The Abraham Lincoln Brigade: the Historiography of the American soldiers in the Spanish American War
  121. The American Political Tradition - Book Review
  122. The Assassin's Accomplice by Kate Clifford Larson - Book Review
  123. The Beginning of Science-Based Religious Disbelief: Atheism and Disbelief in Victorian Britain
  124. The Bronze Age Economy and Trade Top Ten Booklist
  125. The Cold War, Sexuality, and American Medicine: Interview with Carolyn Herbst Lewis
  126. The Coming of the French Revolution - Book Review
  127. The Federalist Papers - Number 12
  128. The Federalist Papers - Number 13
  129. The Federalist Papers - Number 14
  130. The Federalist Papers - Number 15
  131. The Federalist Papers - Number 18
  132. The Federalist Papers - Number 3
  133. The Federalist Papers - Number 31
  134. The Federalist Papers - Number 32
  135. The Federalist Papers - Number 4
  136. The Federalist Papers - Number 43
  137. The Federalist Papers - Number 44
  138. The Federalist Papers - Number 45
  139. The Federalist Papers - Number 46
  140. The Federalist Papers - Number 47
  141. The Federalist Papers - Number 48
  142. The Federalist Papers - Number 49
  143. The Federalist Papers - Number 5
  144. The Federalist Papers - Number 50
  145. The Federalist Papers - Number 51
  146. The Federalist Papers - Number 52
  147. The Federalist Papers - Number 53
  148. The Federalist Papers - Number 54
  149. The Federalist Papers - Number 55
  150. The Federalist Papers - Number 56
  151. The Federalist Papers - Number 57
  152. The Federalist Papers - Number 58
  153. The Federalist Papers - Number 59
  154. The Federalist Papers - Number 6
  155. The Federalist Papers - Number 60
  156. The Federalist Papers - Number 61
  157. The Federalist Papers - Number 63
  158. The Federalist Papers - Number 64
  159. The Federalist Papers - Number 65
  160. The Federalist Papers - Number 66
  161. The Federalist Papers - Number 67
  162. The Federalist Papers - Number 68
  163. The Federalist Papers - Number 69
  164. The Federalist Papers - Number 7
  165. The Federalist Papers - Number 70
  166. The Federalist Papers - Number 71
  167. The Federalist Papers - Number 72
  168. The Federalist Papers - Number 73
  169. The Federalist Papers - Number 74
  170. The Federalist Papers - Number 75
  171. The Federalist Papers - Number 76
  172. The Federalist Papers - Number 77
  173. The Federalist Papers - Number 78
  174. The Federalist Papers - Number 79
  175. The Federalist Papers - Number 8
  176. The Federalist Papers - Number 80
  177. The Federalist Papers - Number 81
  178. The Federalist Papers - Number 82
  179. The Federalist Papers - Number 83
  180. The Federalist Papers - Number 84
  181. The History of Atheism, Secularism, and Free-Thought in Europe: Top Ten Books to Read
  182. The Italian Wars, 1494-1559: War, State and Society in Early Modern Europe - Book Review
  183. The Many Faces of Weimar Cinema - Book Review
  184. The Middle Ground: Indians, Empires, and Republics in the Great Lakes Region, 1650-1815 - Book Review
  185. The Myth of the Lost Cause and Civil War History - Book Review
  186. The Other Founders by Saul Cornell - Book Review
  187. The Radicalism of the American Revolution - Book Review
  188. The Treaty of Versailles: A Concise History by Michael S. Neiberg - Book Review
  189. The Vietnam Wars 1945-1990 - Book Review
  190. The Visible Saints - Book Review
  191. This Republic of Suffering - Book Review
  192. Top 10 Books to Read on Western/British Medical History
  193. Top Ten Booklist for the History of Ethics
  194. Top Ten Booklist on Joseph Stalin
  195. Top Ten Books on American War Powers
  196. Top Ten Books on Espionage from Oxford University Press
  197. Top Ten Books on Los Angeles History
  198. Top Ten Books on Napoleon Bonaparte
  199. Top Ten Books on the Bubonic Plague
  200. Top Ten Books on the History of Reconstruction
  201. Top Ten Books on the History of Women's Citizenship
  202. Top Ten Cultural Histories and Biographies
  203. Top Ten History of Voting Rights Booklist
  204. Top Ten New Books on World War Two from OUP
  205. Understanding Reconstruction - A Historiography
  206. Urban Masses and Moral Order in America: 1820-1920 - Book Review
  207. Victorian Britain and the Empire: Top Ten Books to Read
  208. Voices of Protest: Huey Long, Father Coughlin and the Great Depression - Book Review
  209. Wartime by Paul Fussell - Book Review
  210. Was 'Moby Dick' based on real historical events?
  211. Was 'To Kill a Mockingbird' based on real events?
  212. Was Atlantis based on a real place?
  213. Was Camelot based on a real place?
  214. Was Claudius an effective Roman Emperor?
  215. Was Dracula based on a real person?
  216. Was El Dorado a real place?
  217. Was Regicide Common in Ancient Egypt?
  218. Was Robin Hood a real person?
  219. Was Robinson Crusoe based on a real person?
  220. Was Sherlock Holmes a real person?
  221. Was William Tell a real person?
  222. Was Zorro based on a real figure?
  223. Was the Gulf of Tonkin incident staged?
  224. Was the story of Jekyll and Hyde based on real-life characters?
  225. Was the story of the Man in the Iron Mask based on a real person?
  226. Were Osteopaths viewed as doctors in the 19th Century?
  227. Were Sasanian Persian Border Defenses Effective?
  228. What Are the Origins of Egyptology?
  229. What Are the Origins of the Sasanian Empire?
  230. What Caused the Decline of Sparta?
  231. What Events Led to the Vietnam War? From Partition to Viet Cong
  232. What Gods Did Darius "the Great" Worship?
  233. What Happened to the Volga German Colonies in Russia?
  234. What Is the Legacy of the 1993 Waco Tragedy?
  235. What Role Did Inflation Play in the Collapse of the Roman Empire
  236. What Role Did the Canaanites Play int he Bronze Age Near East?
  237. What Started the Catholic Worker Movement during the Great Depression?
  238. What Was the Importance of Alcohol Consumption in Ancient Egypt?
  239. What Was the Importance of Bill Mauldin to WWII Infantrymen?
  240. What Was the Importance of Pyramids in Ancient Egypt?
  241. What Was the Importance of Ziggurats in Ancient Mesopotamia?
  242. What Was the Importance of the Appian Way during the Roman Republic?
  243. What Was the Purpose of the Mesoamerican Ballgame?
  244. What Was the Role of Hood's Texas Brigade at the Battle of Gaines's Mill?
  245. What Were the Ancient Egyptian Creation Myths?
  246. What Were the Aztec ‘Flower Wars’?
  247. What Were the Circumstances Surrounding the Battle of the Washita River?
  248. What Were the Earliest Christian Communities like?
  249. What Were the Impacts of the Maccabean Rebellion on the Ancient Near East?
  250. What Were the LA Water Wars?
  251. What Were the Motives of the Irish in the American Civil War?
  252. What are the Origins of Astronomy?
  253. What are the origins of Halloween?
  254. What are the origins of Labor Day?
  255. What caused the Hungarian Revolution of 1956?
  256. What caused the War of 1812?
  257. What did the Immigration Act (Johnson Reed Act) of 1924 do?
  258. What did the Open Door policy with China Accomplish?
  259. What happened to the ark of the covenant?
  260. What if the Battle of Qadisiyyah Had a Different Result?
  261. What is Zoroastrianism?
  262. What is the Deep Impact of Ferrous Metallurgy?
  263. What is the Deep Impact of Gold?
  264. What is the History of Civil Rights Legislation in the United States?
  265. What is the History of US Presidential Scandals?
  266. What is the History of the Supreme Court?
  267. What is the Magician's Oath and why is it important?
  268. What is the history of New Year Resolutions ?
  269. What is the history of cooling a home in summer?
  270. What is the history of creation mythologies?
  271. What is the history of going to the beach?
  272. What is the history of impeachment in the United States?
  273. What is the history of music festivals?
  274. What is the history of socialism in the United States?
  275. What is the history of the playground?
  276. What is the history of vacations in the United States?
  277. What is the history of viruses?
  278. What saved Vienna from the Ottoman Turks in 1683?
  279. What was "Twilight Sleep"?
  280. What was Lend-Lease and how did it provide Aid to US Allies at the start of World War II?
  281. What was Prince Alexander Nevsky's contribution to Russian History?
  282. What was Raphael's contibution to the Renaissance?
  283. What was lynching?
  284. What was the 1930 London Naval Conference and was it so important?
  285. What was the East German Uprising in 1953 and how did the United States react to it?
  286. What was the Eisenhower Doctrine of 1957?
  287. What was the Red Line Agreement that carved up the Ottoman Empire's oil resources after World War I?
  288. What was the United States role in founding Liberia?
  289. What was the impact of Andronicus I on the Byzantine Empire?
  290. What was the impact of Commodus on Rome?
  291. What was the impact of Emperor Otto I on Medieval Europe?
  292. What was the impact of Eumenes on the Hellenistic World?
  293. What was the impact of Pericles on Athens?
  294. What was the impact of the Babylonian War (311-309 BCE) on the Hellenistic World?
  295. What was the impact of the Balfour Declaration (1917) on the Middle East?
  296. What was the impact of the Battle of Teutoburg Forest on the Roman Empire?
  297. What was the impact of the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII on English Society?
  298. What was the impact of the Emperor Antonius Pius on the Roman Empire?
  299. What was the impact of the Emperor Domitian on the Roman Empire?
  300. What was the impact of the First Persian Invasion of Greece on Athens?
  301. What was the role of the Praetorian Guard in Roman History?
  302. What was the role of women in Sparta?
  303. What was used for birth control in medieval Europe?
  304. What were the causes of the 3rd century crisis in the Roman Empire?
  305. What were the causes of the Witch Craze in Europe, 1550-1700?
  306. What were the consequences of the reign of the Emperor Hadrian?
  307. What were the diplomatic consequences of the US victory in the Civil War?
  308. What were the events that led to the Treaty of Guadalupe-Hidalgo of 1848?
  309. What were the historical events that led to the United States involvement in the Vietnam War?
  310. What were the major United States slave revolts?
  311. What were the reasons for the defeat of the Emperor Julian the Apostate's invasion of Persia in 363 AD?
  312. When Did Jackie Robinson Integrate Baseball and Why Is It Important?
  313. When Did Recreational Drugs Emerge?
  314. When did Americans begin to get obsessed with weight loss?
  315. When did Constantine the Great really become a Christian?
  316. When did Western Medicine expand into Japan?
  317. When did abortion become legal in the United States?
  318. When did political parties emerge?
  319. When was the Southeast Asian Trade Organization (SEATO) created?
  320. When was the controversial Export-Import Bank Created?
  321. When were Electric Cars Invented?
  322. Where Did Different Christmas Traditions Come From?
  323. Where Did the Tradition Of Greeting Cards Develop?
  324. Where Was the Viking Colony of Vinland?
  325. Where did the concept of Human Rights come from?
  326. Who Was Responsible for the Extreme Violence During the Reconstruction Era?
  327. Who Were the Sea Peoples?
  328. Who exactly was Sacagawea?
  329. Who helped Lawrence of Arabia shape the Arab Revolt?
  330. Who was the first pope?
  331. Who were the richest men in the Ancient World?
  332. Why American states referred to as Red and Blue states?
  333. Why Did Ashoka Convert to Buddhism?
  334. Why Did Babylon Collapse in the Late Bronze Age?
  335. Why Did Scandinavians Volunteer for the Union Army during the Civil War?
  336. Why Did the Perpetrators of the Rwandan Genocide Show No Remorse?
  337. Why Did the United States Take Part in the Classical Gold Standard?
  338. Why Was Imhotep the Ancient World's Greatest Scientist
  339. Why Was Ramesses II “Great” and How Did He Influence the History of the Ancient Near East?
  340. Why Was the Ancient City of Palmyra So Important?
  341. Why Was the Parthian Empire So Powerful?
  342. Why Were the Ancient Israelites and Edomites Enemies?
  343. Why Were the Maya Such Excellent Warriors?
  344. Why Were the Philistines and Israelites Enemies?
  345. Why Were the Phoenicians Such Successful Merchants?
  346. Why did Apartheid end in South Africa in the 1990s?
  347. Why did Charles XII of Sweden fail to conquer Russia in 1708?
  348. Why did Daniel Webster negotiate the Webster-Ashburton Treaty with Britain?
  349. Why did France sell the Louisiana Purchase to the United States?
  350. Why did Hera hate Zeus?
  351. Why did Japan attack Pearl Harbor in 1941?
  352. Why did Los Angeles adopt Cars instead of Mass Transit?
  353. Why did Russia sell Alaska to the United States?
  354. Why did both the Bay Pigs and Operation Mongoose fail to depose Fidel Castro?
  355. Why did diplomatic relations between the United States and Japan worsen at the beginning of the 20th Century?
  356. Why did surnames emerge?
  357. Why did the Angola Civil War of 1974-75 turn into a Cold War battleground?
  358. Why did the Baroque Style develop?
  359. Why did the Carter Administration establish official diplomatic relations with the People's Republic of China in 1979?
  360. Why did the Empire of Alexander the Great fragment after his death?
  361. Why did the Kellogg-Briand Pact of 1928 which outlawed war fail?
  362. Why did the Kennedy and Johnson Administrations increase Foreign Aid?
  363. Why did the Mukden Incident lead to the creation of the Stimson Doctrine in 1932 by the United States?
  364. Why did the Philippine American War of 1899-1902 start?
  365. Why did the Qing Dynasty Collapse in 1911?
  366. Why did the Republican administrations during the interwar period support high tariffs on international trade?
  367. Why did the Soviet Union build the Berlin Wall?
  368. Why did the Soviet Union create the Warsaw Pact in 1955?
  369. Why did the Soviet Union invade Czechoslovakia in 1968?
  370. Why did the Tet Offensive (1968) weaken American support for the Vietnam War?
  371. Why did the Treaty of Wangxia negotiated with the United States ultimately alienate China?
  372. Why did the United States Repeal the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1943?
  373. Why did the United States ally with the Soviet Union during World War II?
  374. Why did the United States blockade the Confederacy during the Civil War?
  375. Why did the United States declare war on Germany during World War I in 1917?
  376. Why did the United States escalate its involvement in the Vietnam War in 1964?
  377. Why did the United States establish a strong maritime presence in the Pacific during the 19th Century?
  378. Why did the United States free the African captives on the Spanish schooner Amistad?
  379. Why did the United States go to war against the Barbary States in 1815?
  380. Why did the United States invade and occupy Haiti from 1915-34?
  381. Why did the United States pass and then repeal the constitutional amendment prohibiting alcohol?
  382. Why did the United States pass the Chinese Exclusion Acts?
  383. Why did the United States refuse to join the League of Nations after World War I?
  384. Why did the United States support Mobutu Sese Seko's coup in Congo in 1960?
  385. Why do Countries have National Anthems?
  386. Why has the French Civil Code had a lasting influence on contemporary European law?
  387. Why was George Washington's Farewell Address in 1796 Significant?
  388. Why was Los Alamos created by the Manhattan Project?
  389. Why was Margaret Thatcher called the Iron Lady?
  390. Why was NATO (the North Atlantic Treaty Organization) created in 1949?
  391. Why was Socrates killed?
  392. Why was South Vietnam's President Ngo Dinh Diem assassinated in 1963?
  393. Why was St. Augustine so important in Christian History?
  394. Why was the French Foreign Legion Created?
  395. Why was the Jay Treaty so unpopular in the United States?
  396. Why was the Turner Thesis abandoned by historians?
  397. Why was the United States the first country to establish National Parks?
  398. Why were Eclectic Physicians in the United States divided on Medical Licensing?
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  400. With the Old Breed: At Peleliu and Okinawa by E.B. Sledge - Book Review
  401. Interview:African American Soldiers During the Civil War: Interview with Author Bob Luke
  402. Interview:Re-evaluating the Albany Civil Rights Movement: Interview with Lee Formwalt
  403. Interview:Voodoo, Kidnapping and Race in New Orleans during Reconstruction: Interview with Michael A. Ross

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