Causes of World War II Top Ten Booklist

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The second world war was the most catastrophic war in human history. The origins of the second world war in Europe are complex and controversial. The following article is a list of ten books that provide different perspectives on the root causes of the second world. In these works’ the authors offer a new or influential argument on the decision and policies that resulted in the second world war. The range of the reasons for the cause of the WW II include the western democracies policies of appeasement, German Nationalism. Nazi Ideology, economic rivalry and in the character of Adolf Hitler.
A.J.P . Taylor. <i>[ Origins of the the Second World War]</i> (Fawcett Premier, 2nd Edition, 1966).
The eminent British historian believed that politicians such as Hitler and Mussolini were only responding to events and were opportunists who exploited the situation in 1930s Europe for their own national self-interests. At first British and French opinion accepted this, but as Hitler became more ambitious, it was no longer possible for the western democracies to tolerate German expansionism. Public opinion in Britain changed and wanted a more proactive response to Hitler. This led to a change in British foreign policy, which became increasingly hostile to Germany. It directly led to the British government issuing an ultimatum to Germany over Poland and this resulted in the declaration of war in September 1939.