Great Gifts for History Lovers 2017

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[ Bodum Chambord French Press]
Reading a great book while drinking coffee can a be a glorious experience. There are currently 1001 ways to make coffee, but if you like rich, strong coffee - get a French press. It consistently makes the best coffee. Admittedly, it takes slightly longer then popping a pouch or pod into a coffee machine because you have to boil some water and then let the coffee steep for 3 minutes. But these tasks take require very little oversight and you can do them while you put your breakfast together. There are a ton of great French presses. This one has the benefit of both holding 3 cups of coffee and being relatively inexpensive. As long as your not a klutz, it will last forever. If you are clumsy get a French press made out of stainless steel. Think of it as a klutz tax. You can also find great single serving French presses.
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