Great Gifts for History Lovers 2017

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While Kurt Andersen is not an historian, he has written book an exhaustively researched book explaining why Americans repeatedly get hoodwinked by conspiracy theories. He argues that fantasy is embedded deeply into our national character. Throughout our history, the United States has been a country of conmen, hucksters and hustlers. While Americans like to think of ourselves as the inheritors of the wisdom of our Founding Fathers, we probably have more in common with the hustler who conned them out of their horse.
[[File:American_Girls_in_Red_Russia.jpg|left|200px|thumbnail|<i>[http://%5B American Girls in Red Russia]</i> - Julia Mickenberg]]
<i>[ American Girls in Russia: Chasing the Soviet Dream]</i> by Julia Mickenberg (University of Chicago Press, 2017)