Daily History Wiki:About

History is study of change over time. Historians try to understand how and why societies around the world have changed. When historians study these changes they constantly ask themselves questions. DailyHistory.org is site that is designed allow people to actively engage in these historical questions to better understand how and why our world has changed. Each of the articles on this site answer specific historical questions. Sometimes these questions address broad historical issues while others focus on a much smaller stories. Most importantly, DailyHistory.org is a wiki. All of the historical articles are wikis and can be edited by any of our users. In order to better answer these historical questions, DailyHistory.org also publishes booklists. History is a field that has been upon the work of previous historians. Any user can create a Top Ten booklist in a specific historical fields. Historians endlessly debate which books are the best and we hope that debate will take place here.

In addition, to our wiki articles and booklists, DailyHistory.org will also publish expert booklists from current historians and interviews with authors. While the expert booklists will give users and opportunity to see what historians consider to be the most important and innovative books in their fields and the author interviews will give current historians an opportunity to introduce new ideas and questions to the community.

We are excited about this site and we hope you engage in many collaborative and meaningful historical debates.