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  1. Did Theodore Roosevelt really save Football?
  2. Did Victorian era popular scientists try to deny biblical teachings?
  3. Did multi-cultural societies become widely accepted in ancient history?
  4. Did the Battle of Fredericksburg Change the Identities of Irish Soldiers?
  5. Did the Biblical Exodus Actually Happen?
  6. Did the Congress of Berlin create a more unstable Europe?
  7. Did the Sack of Rome in 1527 end the Renaissance in Italy?
  8. Did the Trojan War really happen?
  9. Engineering Victory during the Civil War: Interview with Thomas F. Army, Jr.
  10. Evolutionary Science before Charles Darwin
  11. Fate of the Revolution: Interview with Lorri Glover
  12. Fool's Crow by James Welch - Book Review
  13. Front page mock up
  14. Gallipoli by Jenny MacLeod - Book Review
  15. Gender in Early America Top Ten Booklist
  16. Gilded Age/Progressive Era History Top Ten Booklist
  17. Good-Bye to All That by Robert Graves - Book Review
  18. Great Gifts for History Lovers 2017
  19. Great Gifts for History Lovers 2018
  20. Hiroshima: Why America Dropped the Atomic Bomb - Book Review
  21. History of Empires Top Ten Book List
  22. History of Evolutionary Theory: Top Ten Books to Read
  23. History of God Top Ten Booklist
  24. History of Sex (American Version) Top Ten Booklist
  25. History of Social Inequality Top Ten Book List
  26. Hodges' Scout: Interview with Len Travers
  27. Hollywood and Communism: How Did ''The Treasure of the Sierra Madre'' Support Marxist Ideology?
  28. How Did Ancient Societies Adapt to Dairy Consumption?
  29. How Did Antiochus III Influence the Hellenistic World?
  30. How Did Art Propagate Slavery in 19th Century America?
  31. How Did Astronomy Fundamentally Change Human History?
  32. How Did Black Pepper Spread in Popularity?
  33. How Did Charlemagne's Economic Ideas Save Europe?
  34. How Did Chocolate Become Popular?
  35. How Did Christmas Trees Become Christmas Symbols?
  36. How Did Cleopatra Die?
  37. How Did Cremation Emerge as a Death Ritual?
  38. How Did Croesus Become the Wealthiest Man in the Ancient World?
  39. How Did Early Judicial Systems Evolve?
  40. How Did Early Mathematics Evolve?
  41. How Did Easter Become an Important Celebration?
  42. How Did Enlightenment Ideas Influence Modern Economics?
  43. How Did Finland Survive the Winter War of 1939-1940?
  44. How Did Firefighting Develop?
  45. How Did Globalism Begin during the Bronze Age
  46. How Did God Influence the Wounded in the American Civil War?
  47. How Did Gold Become Desired by Ancient Civilizations?
  48. How Did Honey Evolve in our Diet?
  49. How Did Hospitals Emerge?
  50. How Did Lysimachus Impact the Hellenistic World?

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