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How Historically Accurate is season 1 of Versailles?

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<i>This article contains spoilers</i>
[[File:The-BBC-confirmed-the-news-to-fans-tonight-619209.jpeg|thumbnail|left|Versailles Season 1 image.]]
<i>[ Versailles]</i> <i>This article contains spoilers.</i> <i>Check out our article on the historical accuracy of the 1st season of [[How Historically Accurate is season 1 of Versailles?|Versailles]]</i>. Season 1 follows the French king Louis XIV, the so-called Sun King, during the early years of his reign when he commissioned the construction of the palace of Versailles, a former hunting lodge. Construction of the palace began in 1661 and lasted, on and off, until 1715. Despite the objection of much of the nobility and even his court, Louis was determined to make the palace the greatest in the world and solidify his rule. Although later Louis was known as a strong and respected ruler in Europe, the early years of his reign were fraught with problems with the nobility, wars with the low countries, conspiracies, and ongoing conflict between Catholics and Protestants. It is this background that sets up the story in the first season.
==History and Key Events==

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