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How Historically Accurate is Alexander?

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Basic Plot
Alexander then pushed on into Central Asia and India, where Alexander finally marries Roxana, a Persian-Bactrian princess that was also intended to help unify the worlds that Alexander wanted to conquer. The Greek generals and soldiers are not completely convinced in this marriage, as the Greeks saw the newly conquered as barbarians. Later, one of Alexander's close strategists, Parmenion, is assassinated as he was accused of treason against Alexander. Later, Cleitus, an officer of Alexander, who was to be governor of Bactria, got involved in a drunken dispute with Alexander, where Cleitus insulted Alexander, leading to Alexander killing Cleitus. This event showed the increased strain Alexander and his men were coming under as they had campaigned for so long away from Macedonia. Alexander offers generous rewards and pensions to his soldiers to keep their loyalty.
Alexander then pushes his mention where they fight the Battle of Hydaspes. Alexander is shown as being gravely injured and the battle being particularly bloody, although the battle was won by Alexander and his troops. His army was, at this point, was exhausted and many men perished as they marched back to Babylon. Back in Babylon, Alexander was shown as trying to forge a united Greek and eastern state that combined Persian and other eastern populations. His lover Hephaistion dies from Typhus and a few months later Alexander joins him in death. With Alexander's death, his generals divide his kingdom. Ptolemy is shown as creating a biography about Alexander, where the movie suggests the generals poisoned Alexander and sickness did not sicknesskill him.
==Key Characters==

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