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How Historically Accurate is Alexander?

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Basic Plot
The movie begins with Ptolemy I Soter narrating the key events of Alexander's life and events revolving around his invasion of the Achaemenid Empire (Persian Empire). He was declared a god in Egypt and then found the pivotal Battle of Gaugamela, where the Persian army was defeated and later fell. The story then goes back to show the strained relationship between Alexander's mother (Olympias) and Philip II. Alexander takes solace in wrestling, horse riding, and becomes tutored by Aristotle.
After Alexander is declared king and unites the Greeks, his campaign against the Persians commences. One key focus was on Alexander entering Babylon, one of the great cities of the Achaemenid (Persian) Empire. Alexander is depicted as being in awe of the great city and showed more interest in uniting the Persian world with the Greek world, where he is the great king of this united world. While his soldiers delight in his great victory, Alexander is shown as thinking more about the future. He gives royal individuals to remain and be treated with respect. Meanwhile, while Alexander is staying in Babylon, his mother makes him aware of conspiracies against him but berates him for being too generous with his enemies. Alexander is shown as conflicted about his destiny. Hephaistion, one of Alexander's generals, is shown as his close companion, confidant, and lover.  Alexander then pushed on into Central Asia and India, where Alexander finally marries Roxana, a Persian-Bactrian princess that was also intended to help unify the worlds that Alexander wanted to conquer. The Greek generals and soldiers are not completely convinced in this marriage, as the Greeks saw the newly conquered as barbarians.
==Key Characters==

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