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How Historically Accurate is season 1 of Versailles?

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History and Key Events
One focus of the episodes is the rivalry between Louis and his brother Philippe, Duke of Orléans. Tension between the brothers was brewing because Louis would not let his brother join the war against the Dutch. Eventually Louis relents and Philippe proves to be a valiant warrior. Philippe was, in fact, a well known leader and proved to be a successful commander, earning the respect of his men for his bravery. While it is not clear what the rivalry was between the brothers, it is known that Philippe was a proven war leader.
Perhaps the most prominent plot revolved around a group of nobles and others conducting a conspiracy to make the king loose power and control over the country. This involved poisoning of some of the characters, including shooting prominent families on the road to Versailles, where even Philippe's wife and Louis' lover Henriette, who was the sister of the King of England Charles II, was killed in one of these attempts. This part of the story greatly differs does differ from likely historical accounts, as it is not clear Louis ever faced any major threats to his kingdom from internal unrest despite having some troubles from the nobles as he centralized the state early in his reign. First, there There were various plots, including a series of poisonings called the Affair of the Poisons , that lasted from the 1670s-1680s. HoweverThe Huguenot, or French Protestants, this was not targeted specifically also attempted to conduct a campaign against the royal family and leaders of France. Henriette did dieking, although it was likely not poisoning but rather digestive disease. HoweverLouis' major persecution of them only began in the 1680s, some observers at a period after when the time did suspect poisoningfirst season took place. The first season ends with Huguenot's came closer to threatening the French crown long before Louis' son, reign in the Dauphin, being kidnapped. This is not known to have occurred1620s.
==Main Characters==

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