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The Bronze Age Economy and Trade Top Ten Booklist

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{{Mediawiki[[File:kindleoasis}}The Amarna Letters.jpg|thumbnail|left|300px|''The Amarna Letters'' by William Moran]]
During the Bronze Age, the economies of the ancient Near East became linked to broader ancient Old World in Central Asia, India, and Europe through long-distance commerce. This trade helped facilitate emerging patterns of consumerism, entrepreneurial spirit, and the spread of the alphabet and other social ideas. The economy, however, seems alien to us as it was complex and had many aspects to it, spanning from elites in palaces and temples to common urban and nomadic households.
'''''Palaces and Trade'''''
[[File: The Amarna Letters.jpg|thumbnail|''The Amarna Letters'' by William Moran]]
2. Moran, William L. 1992. ''[ The Amarna Letters]'' Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press.

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