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== Buffalo Hunters ==
[[File:Bison_skull_pile_edit_2.jpg|thumbnail|300px250px|left|Men standing atop and at the base of a pile of buffalo skulls, mid 1870s.]]
In 1870, a new process was developed for tanning hides, thereby making hunting a lucrative endeavor. It was in that year that Josiah Wright Mooar departed his New England home in pursuit of converting buffalo hunting into a lucrative business. Coinciding with the new tanning process was the increased interest in using buffalo hides as sleigh blankets in the eastern states. Mooar came to realize the monetary potential in hides. With the help of his brother, he negotiated a contract to provide 2,000 hides and be compensated $3.50 for each.<ref>Haley, 21-22.</ref>

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