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== South Plains Tribes ==
[[File:Arapaho_camp_with_buffalo_meat_drying_near_Fort_Dodge,_Kansas.jpg|thumbnail|300pxleft|250px|Arapaho camp outside of Fort Dodge, Kansas. Note the buffalo meat hanging to dry.]]
The tribes that composed the South Plains Indians were the Kiowa, Comanche, Cheyenne, and Arapaho. Each of these groups migrated to the region out of necessity. The Comanche migrated south from the North Plains region of the United States near the onset of the 18th century. Following soon after was the Kiowa tribe. Before the arrival of the Kiowa, the Comanche enjoyed the abundance of fertile hunting grounds the southern plains had to offer and immediately became hostile towards the Kiowa upon their arrival. Over the years, the two tribes engaged in territorial fighting until in 1795 they agreed to form the Kiowa-Comanche Confederation.<ref>Haley, 1.</ref>

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