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====A Great Resource for History Teachers====
[[51 Great Online Resources for History Teachers]]
====Most Popular Articles====
* [[What was the Second Wave Feminist Movement?]]
* [[How Joseph Stalin became the leader of the Soviet Union]]
* [[51 Great Online Resources for History Teachers]]
* [[Why was Britain able to establish an Empire in India?]]* [[How did World War II Lead to the Cold War?]]* [[How Historically Accurate is season 1 of Versailles?]]* [[How historically accurate is the Gladiator?]] * [[What were Joseph Stalin's goals as World War Two ended?]]* [[How did the Bubonic Plague make the Italian Renaissance possible?]]* [[What were the Root Causes of the Spanish Civil War?]]* [[Why did Germany lose the Battle of Stalingrad?]]* [[How did Mussolini Rise to Power as the Dictator of Italy?]]* [[How did the Versailles Treaty lead to World War Two?]]* [[Why was Julius Caesar assassinated?]]* [[How Historically Accurate is season 1 of The Last Kingdom?]]* [[How did the de Medici contribute to the Renaissance?]]* [[What were the social factors that led to the Renaissance in Italy?]]* [[How historically accurate is the Gladiator?]]* [[How Historically Accurate is the movie Gangs of New York?]]* [[Why was France defeated in 1940?]]* [[Why did Operation Market Garden in 1944 fail?]] * [[Why did the Weimar Republic Collapse?]]* [[How Did the Mongol Invasions Affect Global History?]]* [[What was the First Wave Feminist Movement?]] * [[What is the significance of the 1968 East L.A. Walkouts?]]* [[How historically accurate is the movie The King's Speech?]]* [[How did the Renaissance influence the Reformation?]]
* [ African American History Top Ten Booklist]
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====History of Religion====
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====Roman History====
* [[How did Julius Caesar rise to power?]]
* [[How did Rome benefit from the destruction of Carthage in 146 BC?]]
* [[How did the Emperor Trajan change the Roman Empire?]]* [[How Did Cleopatra Die?]]* [[Why was Julius Caesar assassinated?]]* [[What was the impact of Spartacus' uprising on Rome?]]
* [[What Role Did Inflation Play in the Collapse of the Roman Empire]]
* [[How did the Etruscans shape Roman history and society?]]* [[How did Caesar's conquest of Gaul change both Rome and Gaul?]]* [[How Was Alaric Able to Sack Rome in AD 410?]]

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