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What is the History of Movie Posters

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Early History of Posters
==Early History of Posters==
The first clear movie poster was made by Marcellin Auzolle for the Louis Lumière film <i>L'Arroseur Arrosé</i>, or the <i>Sprinkler Sprinkled</i>, which was a comedy that debuted in Paris in 1895. That film is famous for being also the first featured comedy. There were earlier posters used for films, but these were mostly descriptive or discussed the type of cinematography rather than promoting the film itself. The poster shows the audience looking at the film, with one of the scenes in the film displayed (a gardener being splashed by water; Figure ). The film's surprising focus on comedy, where up to that point most films were closer to documentaries, surprised audiences, making it a major hit and soon launched the genre of comedy.
[[File:Cinématographe Lumière.jpg|thumb|Figure 1. The first film poster for the comedy <i> L'Arroseur Arrosé </i>.]]
==Later Developments==

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