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How Accurate is the Movie Hurricane?

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A British air commander, after the war, noted that if the Poles and other foreigners did not actively participate during the Battle of Britain then the outcome may have been very different, given the massive shortage of well-trained pilots Britain had in the Summer of 1940. While many films and documentaries have shown British fighters as heroic and having to fight the odds to beat Germany, the reality is foreign pilots played a much larger role than often depicted. Although the Spitfire often is shown as the more glamorous fighter aircraft during this time, the Hurricane was the more numerous aircraft and was often slower than its German counterparts, requiring skillful pilots to have a shot at downing German fighters. Nevertheless, the aircraft did pack a powerful punch and the Polish pilots used it effectively by getting in close to the German aircraft to make a quick hit. Overall, the movie does show many accurate and true circumstances and struggles Polish pilots and others had to encounter as they fought for Britain in 1940.

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