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How Accurate is the Movie Hurricane?

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Key Plot
==Key Plot==
The movie is also known as <i>Mission of Honor </i>, but the original title is <i> Hurricane </i>.
In June 1940, the UK stands as the largest country fighting the Axis powers. France has just been defeated and is now occupied, while those who fought Germany but who are trapped behind Axis lines try to make their way to safer ground in the UK. This is the case with Jan Zumbach, a Polish fighter pilot who was in France and had to evacuate after the German takeover. He makes it to Britain only to find discrimination and Royal Airforce officers who have their own prejudices against him and other Polish pilots who escaped. The Poles were relatively easily defeated by the Germans, but it was not for the lack of skill of their pilots but mostly due to their fighter aircraft not being as sophisticated as the German fighters. The Poles fought in France as well and this gave them valuable skills, which was lacking in the Royal Airforce in 1940. During the Summer of 1940, there was a fear that Britain would soon run out of pilots due to attrition. Soon, the Royal Airforce had to activate volunteers and other foreigners in Britain, including Canadians and some Americans, to fight for their side.

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