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What is the history of impeachment in the United States

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State Level Impeachments
In 2009, one well known recent case of a governor's impeachment revolved around Rod Blagojevich (Figure 2), who tried to sell and solicit bribes of the senatorial seat occupied by Barack Obama who had become president after 2008. This was notable in being among the fastest impeachment proceedings in history, where it occurred within a month after his arrest. In more recent times, the most notable impeachment of state officials occurred in 2018, with the West Virginia Court of Appeals judges impeached due to excessive spending. These impeachment trials have not fully concluded as of early 2019.<ref>For more on these recent cases, see: Tseng, M. (2018). <i>The Politics of Impeachment</i>. Westphalia Press.</ref>
[[File:22rod0px-Rod Blagojevich (2911120436) (cropped).jpg|thumb|Figure 2. Blagojevich famoulsy tried to sell Obama's old Senate seat.]]
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