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Did the Congress of Berlin create a more unstable Europe

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In particular, they were worried about Russian ambitions in the Bosporus. This is one of the world’s most strategic waterways and it connects the Black Sea with the Mediterranean. The Russian Tsar Alexander II had ambitions, to capture Constantinople. This would have allowed the Russian navy access to the Mediterranean and this was seen as a threat to French and British interests. Britain in particular, believed that if Russia was to dominate the Bosporus Straits it would threaten its ‘sphere of influence’ in the Mediterranean.<ref>Glenny, 78</ref> The British made clear that they would not allow the Russians access to the Bosporus. London made clear it would go to war with Russian over the issue.<ref>Albertini, Luigi (2002) ''[ The Origins of the War of 1914: European relations from the Congress of Berlin to the eve of the Sarajevo murder].'' Oxford University Press, p. 119.</ref>
==Congress of Berlin==

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