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The Skepticism philosophy continued to have a strong influence on the Platonic school until 90 BCE, when Antiochus of Ascalon began to lead the school.<ref>For more on Antiochus and his philosophies, see: Sedley, D. N., ed. 2012. The Philosophy of Antiochus. Cambridge ; New York: Cambridge University Press.</ref> By this point, the Stoic influences began to have more of an influence on the school. Antiochus' main belief was that the mind can distinguish truth from falsehood. He believed the grounds for knowledge, its moral and understanding, needs to be examined and seeking truth were critical and the essence of our being. In many respects, Antiochus believed he was reviving the Old Academy that had been established by Plato's initial ideas. Antiochus' thoughts become influential and he became one of Cicero's chief teachers and influences.
==Destruction and Reconstitution==

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