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How Did Spy Services Develop in France

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After the takeover by Napoleon, plots involving various international and national spies were devised to depose Napoleon. This included the Plot of the rue Saint-Nicaise in 1800, led by Pierre Robinault de Saint-Régeant and others, that attempted to blow up a bomb as Napoleon passed by. This plot failed, where it only succeeded in killing innocent people, but led Napoleon to become more paranoid with his safety. The increased paranoia by Napoleon and European powers as Napoleon began to become stronger developed into a network of spies and counter spies that attempted to infiltrate the courts of his adversaries. Napoleon successfully, for instance, used spies to help bring down the reign of Gustav IV Adolf, the king of Sweden, and place a successor who was more friendly to France.<ref>For more on Pierre Robinault de Saint-Régeant, see: Falk, A. (2007) <i> Napoleon against himself: a psychobiography</i>. 1st ed. Charlottesville, Va, Pitchstone Pub.</ref>
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