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How Historically Accurate is season 1 of Versailles?

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Louis is depicted as have a strong desire to centralized the state, which is true from known historical records. He was famously quoted as saying "I am the state," which he did in fact say and was one of his well known declarations. The Sun King was what he was called throughout Europe and Louis did emphasize his symbol of the sun as a way of showing his power. While, on the one hand, he considered himself to be a devote Catholic, he was also known for his numerous affairs. Louis voracious sexual appetite is a well known historical fact. However, one of his main lovers in the series is shown to be Henrietta of England. While it is likely they were close, there is no proof they were ever intimate, as he may have respected his brother by not sleeping with Henrietta, despite the fact his brother was gay. At the very least, she was not likely to be his main lover. In fact, Madame de Montespan, who is depicted in the series as a smart and cunning character, did become Louis' main mistress and he even fathered seven children with her. In France, it was typical for a king to have an official mistress, where this position even offered some official power, which was a role that de Montespan had for much of Louis' early reign.<ref>For a detailed history of Louis XIV, see: Levi, Anthony. 2004. <i>Louis XIV.</i> 1st Carroll & Graf ed. New York: Carroll & Graf.</ref>
<u>Maria Theresa of Spain</u>

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