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How Historically Accurate is season 3 of The Last Kingdom

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Historical Background
[[File:The-Last-Kingdom-season-3-1524490.jpg|thumb|<i>The Last Kingdom</i> in the third season takes place in the 890s, the last years of Alfred's reign.]]
==Historical Background==
==Historical Background==
In 892-94, another large wave of Danish and other Viking invasions took place in Wessex, attacking the rich lands of southern England south of London. Several of the raids involved Danes coming from northern Europe but also Danes from East Anglia and Northumbria came. The Danes may have intended to stay in England if they had succeeded more greatly in their raids. In 892-94, Wessex was far more prepared for renewed Dane raids, as this time they had fortified places called <i>burh</i>(s) throughout much of Wessex. The Danes has setup several key defensive areas, including in the Thames Estuary and in Devon. They were led Hastein, a chieftain who led one of the larger groups. Another group of Danes was intercepted near Farnham, which is a small town today about 30 km west of London. There, the Danes were defeated and much of the treasures stolen during their raids were taken back.

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