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__NOTOC__<div is an Amazon Associate and earns money from links (primarily to books) from Amazon.  ====A Great Resource for History Teachers===="portal">[[File51 Great Online Resources for History Teachers]] ====Newest Articles===={{#dpl:Pinkertons.jpgcategory=Wikis|thumbnailordermethod=firstedit|200pxorder=descending|left]]count=30}}----- ====Check out our other websites. [ DailyHistory Reader] shares history articles from around the net and [Inventing the Pinkertonshttps: Interview with Paul O'Hara]//]focuses on great graphic novels.====---- ====Most Popular Articles====In 1850, Allan Pinkerton founded a detective agency that would grow into * [[What was the Second Wave Feminist Movement]]* [[How Joseph Stalin became the Pinkerton's National Detective Agency. Pinkerton's agency is easily leader of the most famous and infamous security guard and detective agency Soviet Union]]* [[51 Great Online Resources for History Teachers]]* [[Why was Britain able to establish an Empire in United States history. Pinkerton originally created the agency India]]* [[How did World War II Lead to help railroad companies investigate their employees and catch train robbers. But over time, the Pinkertons developed an intimate relationship with Cold War]]* [[How Historically Accurate is season 1 of Versailles]]* [[How historically accurate is the federal government and Gladiator]] * [[What were Joseph Stalin's goals as these partnerships grew World War Two ended]]* [[How did the Pinkertons' role increased dramatically. {{Read more|Inventing Bubonic Plague make the Italian Renaissance possible]]* [[What were the Root Causes of the Pinkertons: Interview with Paul O'Hara}}Spanish Civil War]]</div>* [[Why did Germany lose the Battle of Stalingrad]]<div class="portal">* [[How did Mussolini Rise to Power as the Dictator of Italy]]* [[File:Confederate_monument_Elmira_NY.jpg|thumbnail|200px|leftHow did the Versailles Treaty lead to World War Two]]====* [[Why are there so many Monuments was Julius Caesar assassinated]]* [[How Historically Accurate is season 1 of The Last Kingdom]]* [[How did the de Medici contribute to the Confederacy across the United States?Renaissance]]====As one travels across * [[What were the southern United States, it is not unusual to find monuments and memorials social factors that led to the Confederate dead Renaissance in many small towns. In fact, these sculptural pieces, often composed of Italy]]* [[How historically accurate is the same statues and plinths from Gladiator]]* [[How Historically Accurate is the Monumental Bronze Co. movie Gangs of Bridgeport, Conn., can be found as far north as Pennsylvania and New York. A study ]]* [[Why was France defeated in 2016 found some 1,500 monuments still standing. While 1940]]* [[Why did Operation Market Garden in recent years these monuments have become a new source 1944 fail]] * [[Why did the Weimar Republic Collapse]]* [[How Did the Mongol Invasions Affect Global History]]* [[What was the First Wave Feminist Movement]] * [[What is the significance of political conversation their very erection was a movement by Confederate womenthe 1968 East L.A. Walkouts]]* [[How historically accurate is the movie The King's Speech]]* [[How did the Renaissance influence the Reformation]]----- ----- ====Historically Accurate===={{Read more#dpl:category=Historically Accurate|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|Why count=20}}----- ====Here are there so many Monuments to the Confederacy across the Study Guides==== * [[United States History Study Guide|United States?}}History]] * [[American Civil War Study Guide|American Civil War]] * [[World War One Study Guide|World War One]] * [[World War Two Study Guide|World War Two]] </div>* [[Ancient History Study Guide|Ancient History]]<div class="portal">* [[Roman History Study Guide|Roman History]] * [[File:Tissot Solomon Dedicates the Temple at Jerusalem.jpgRenaissance History Study Guide|thumbnailRenaissance History]] * [[Ancient Greek Study Guide|200pxAncient Greek History]] * [[Ancient Egypt Study Guide|leftAncient Egypt History]]====* [[The History of God Top Ten BooklistThings Guide|The History of Things]]----- ====United States History===={{#dpl:category=United States History|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=20}}-----The concept of God {{MediaWiki:LongerAd}}----- ====Myths and his historical development is an extraordinarily complex topic Gods===={{#dpl:category= Myths and it is not easily addressed in ten booksGods |ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=20}}----- ====Booklists====* [https://dailyhistory. These books seek attempt to explain org/African_American_History_Top_Ten_Booklist a complex story on how the concept of God developed in different cultures, places, and across time. The history of the idea of God is long and has its roots from prehistoric to early historic periods in the ancient Near East. Later cultures developed concepts that derive from ancient Iran, Greece, Egypt, and perhaps other regions.{{Read more|African American History of God Top Ten Booklist] {{#dpl:category= Booklists |ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=20}}</div>----- <div class="portal">===World War I====[[File{{#dpl:Williamcategory=World War One History|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=15}} ---wallace-monument-1256291 1280.jpeg|thumbnail|200px|left]] ====[[How historically accurate is Braveheart?]]World War II====Braveheart was a popular movie released in 1995 that won 5 Oscars and featured Mel Gibson as William Wallace. Wallace was a Scottish knight who became a hero in the Scottish rebellions against the English in the late 13th and early 14th century. The movie helped to inspire Scottish national pride while also, to some, represent an early, Medieval warrior who fought for freedom for himself and his people. While much of the story depicted did occur, including the English occupation of Scotland during the time of Edward I, king of England, the depiction of the revolt against the English and other events do not correspond well to historical accounts.{{Read more#dpl:category=World War Two History|ordermethod=firstedit|How historically accurate is Braveheart?order=descending|count=12}}</div>----
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[[File: Drysocks.JPG |thumbnail|200px|left]]
====[[What Was the Importance of Bill Mauldin to WWII Infantrymen?]]====
Bill Mauldin once said that the infantryman “gives more and gets less than anybody else.” He knew this from his experience on the front lines with K Company, 180th Infantry Regiment, of the 45th Division. Mauldin went through basic training as an infantryman and stayed with his regiment throughout the invasion of Sicily and the Allied campaign up the boot of Italy. The talented cartoonist succeeded in ruffling the feathers of the “brass” all the way up to General George Patton.{{Read more|What Was the Importance of Bill Mauldin to WWII Infantrymen?}}
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====[[American Legal History Top Ten Booklist]]====
These are our Top Ten legal history books. Why do we like these books? Besides being awesome, we believe that these are some of the most exciting legal history books we have read. These books helped us think about legal history in new ways.
{{Read more|American Legal History Top Ten Booklist}}
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====[[Why did the Italian Renaissance End?]]====
The Italian Renaissance was one of the most exciting periods in human civilisation. It witnessed a great flourishing of the arts, literature, philosophy, architecture and politics. Many of the greatest figures in World Civilisation appeared during the Renaissance in Italy, including Michelangelo, Leonardo Da Vinci, Machiavelli and Raphael.
{{Read more|Why did the Italian Renaissance End?}}
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====[[What were the Root Causes of the Spanish Civil War?]]====
Spain was a very divided, unstable and weak country in the 19th century. Once a great power, Spain lost almost the last of its colonies after it defeat in the Spanish-American war.[1] It was technically a monarchy, but power had frequently been in the hands of military dictators. The country was bitterly divided. The acute poverty of the Spanish people meant that many were drawn to Communism, Anarchism and Socialism.
{{Read more|What were the Root Causes of the Spanish Civil War?}}
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[[File:Stalingrad three.jpg|thumbnail|left|250px]]
====[[Why did Germany lose the Battle of Stalingrad?]]====
Hitler saw the war in terms of his personal rivalry with Stalin and he decided to attack the city, because of its symbolic value. However, the original aim of the offensive in Southern Russian was to secure the oil fields in the Caucasus. The oil was essential for the German war machine. Hitler knew this – instead of opting for concentrating all his forces on the conquest of the oil fields, he made perhaps a fateful mistake.{{Read more|Why did Germany lose the Battle of Stalingrad?}}
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====[[The Mysterious Illness of Jim Bowie: How Did He Contribute to His Own Decline?]]====
Directly or indirectly, Jim Bowie’s enigmatic illness resulted from his own actions. A hearty man of six feet in height, Bowie was a walking contradiction; a slave trader who fought for freedom, a generous and congenial man who called out his thunderous temper on a whim, and a commanding leader who was prone to binges of sloppy drunkenness.
{{Read more|The Mysterious Illness of Jim Bowie: How Did He Contribute to His Own Decline?}}
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====History of Religion====
*[[{{#dpl:category=Religious History of God Top Ten Booklist]]|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=15}}*[[How did Christian Church Architecture evolve in the West?]]*[[What was Plato's academy and why did it influence Western thought?]]*[[How did Monotheism Develop?]]*[[How did the concept of paradise develop?]]*[[How did Akhenaten Radically Change Egyptian Religion and Culture?]]*[[Why was the worship of Mithra so popular?]]</div>-----
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====Ancient Greek History====
{{#dpl:category=Ancient Greek History|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=16}}------ ====Ancient History===={{#dpl:category=Ancient History|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=20}}------ ====Roman History====*[[Did How did Julius Caesar rise to power]]* [[How did Rome benefit from the Trojan War really happendestruction of Carthage in 146 BC?]]*[[How did the marathon emerge?Emperor Trajan change the Roman Empire]]* [[How Did Cleopatra Die]]* [[Why was Julius Caesar assassinated]]*[[What was Platothe impact of Spartacus's academy and why did it influence Western thought?uprising on Rome]]* [[What Role Did Inflation Play in the Collapse of the Roman Empire]]*[[Why was Alexander How did the Great So Successful In His Conquests?Etruscans shape Roman history and society]]*[[Why was Epicurus How did Caesar's conquest of Gaul change both Rome and his philosophy so important?Gaul]]* [[How Was Alaric Able to Sack Rome in AD 410]]</div>----- ====Renaissance History===={{#dpl:category=Renaissance History|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=10}}----- ====History of Religion===={{#dpl:category=Religious History|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=10}}-----{{Mediawiki:LongestAd}}----- ====Russian History===={{#dpl:category=Russian History|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=10}} ---- ====History of Medicine===={{#dpl:category= Medical History |ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=10}} ----- ====History of Science and Technology===={{#dpl:category= History of Science and Technology |ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=10}} -----
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====American Civil War====
*[[Was the Destruction Perpetrated by Lincoln, Grant, and Sherman Necessary to End the {{#dpl:category=Civil War?]]*[[What Were the Circumstances Surrounding the Death of "Stonewall" Jackson?]]*[[Why Was the Battle of Antietam a Pivotal event in the American Civil War?]]*[[American Civil War Biographies Top Ten Booklist]]*[[Why Was Vicksburg “The Gibraltar of the Confederacy?”]]</div>|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=10}}
<div class----- ="portal" style="font==Political History===={{#dpl:category= Political History |ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=10}} -----size:90%">
====19th Century History====
*[[Did the Congress of Berlin create a more unstable Europe?]]{{#dpl:category=19th Century History|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=10}}*[[What did Prussia’s victory in the Franco-----Prussian War mean for Europe?]]*[[What was the dominant medical sect in the United States during the 19th Century?]]*[[How did the Boxer Rebellion unite Imperial Powers and create Chinese Nationalism?]]====Military History==== *[[19th Century Overview of United States {{#dpl:category= Military History Top Ten Booklist]]</div>|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=10}}
<div class="portal" style="font-size:90%">----
====Renaissance Sports History====*[[Why did the Italian Renaissance End?]]*[[What were the causes of the Northern Renaissance?]]*[[How did the Bubonic Plague make the Italian Renaissance possible?]]*[[How did the de Medici contribute to the Renaissance?]]*[[Did the Sack of Rome in 1527 end the Renaissance in Italy?]]*[[What was the role of the Popes in the Renaissance?]]*[[Top {{#dpl:category=Sports History|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=10 Books on the origins of the Italian Renaissance]]</div>}}
<div class="portal" style="font-size:90%">====History of Early US Republic====*[[Thomas Jefferson, the Founding Fathers and Christianity: Interview with Sam Haselby]]*[[The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798: Interview with Terri Halperin]]*[[Fate of the Revolution: Interview with Lorri Glover]]*[[American Revolution Top Ten Booklist]]*[[What was George Washington's military experience before the American Revolution?]]*[[Hodges' Scout: Interview with Len Travers]]</div>----
<div class="portal" style="font-size:90%">====Food History of Early US Republic====*[[Thomas Jefferson, the Founding Fathers and Christianity{{#dpl: Interview with Sam Haselby]]*[[The Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798: Interview with Terri Halperin]]*[[Fate of the Revolution: Interview with Lorri Glover]]*[[American Revolution Top Ten Booklist]]*[[What was George Washington's military experience before the American Revolution?]]*[[Hodges' Scout: Interview with Len Travers]]</div>category=Food History|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=9}}
<div class="portal" style="font-size:90%">====Sports History====*[[Did Theodore Roosevelt really save Football?]]*[[How did modern boxing emerge?]]*[[How did the game of golf emerge?]]*[[How did the marathon emerge?]]*[[Top 10 Books on the origins of the Italian Renaissance]]*[[How did the modern tennis emerge?]]*[[Who integrated the NBA?]]</div>---
<div class="portal" style="font-size:90%">
====Legal History====
*[[American {{#dpl:category=Legal History Top Ten Booklist]]*[[American Surveillance: Interview with Anthony Gregory]]*[[How did the Sharia Law develop?]]*[[How has the Roman Lex Mercatoria evolved to play a role in modern International Trade and Commerce Codification?]]*[[How does The Magna Carta influence the Modern Perceptions of Civil Rights?]]*[[How has ancient Rome influenced European law?]]</div>|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=8}}
<div class="portal" style="font-size:90%">---- ====World War IEuropean History====*[[What started World War One?]]*[[Why did Germany not achieve victory at Verdun in 1916?]]*[[Why did the Battle of the Somme largely fail to achieve its objectives?]]*[[Why did the Gallipoli Landings fail in WWI?]]*[[Why did the German Spring Offensive of 1918 fail?]]*[[Why did the Germans win the Battle of Tannenberg in 1914?]]*[[Origins of World War One - Top Ten Booklist]]*[[Why did the Russian Romanov Dynasty collapse in 1917?]]</div>{{#dpl:category=European History|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=15}}
<div class="portal" style="font-size:90%">====European Interwar Political History====*[[How did Vladimir Lenin Rise To Power?]]*[[How Joseph Stalin became the leader of the Soviet Union]]*[[How did Mussolini become Prime Minister of Italy?]]*[[Primed for Violence in Interwar Poland: Interview with Paul Brykczynski]]*[[The Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact- Stalin’s greatest mistake?]]*[[The Nazi triumph: how did Adolf Hitler become the Fuehrer of Germany?]]*[[Why did the the Weimar Republic Collapse?]]</div>--
<div class="portal" style="font-size:90%">==German History==World War Two=={{#dpl:category=German History|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=10}}*[[How Did the German Military Develop Blitzkrieg?]]*[[How did Joseph Stalin react to the German invasion during WWII?]]*[[How Was Hitler Responsible for the German Defeat in World War II?]]*[[D-Day: What Factors Were Considered When Planning Operation Overlord?]]*[[What were the goals of the Axis powers and the Soviet Union during World War Two?]]*[[Why was France defeated in 1940?]]*[[Why was Rommel defeated at El Alamein?]]*[[Why did the Germans suffer a defeat at Kursk in 1943?]]*[[Why did Operation Market Garden in 1944 fail?]]</div>---
<div class="portal" style="font-size:90%">==British History====Interviews{{#dpl:category=British History|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=10}}*[[American Surveillance: Interview with Anthony Gregory]]*[[Inventing the Pinkertons: Interview with Paul O'Hara]]*[[How Was Hitler Responsible for the German Defeat in World War II?]]*[[Fate of the Revolution: Interview with Lorri Glover]]*[[Engineering Victory during the Civil War: Interview with Thomas F. Army, Jr.]]*[[Angels of the Underground: Interview with Theresa Kaminski]]*[[Why was Rommel defeated at El Alamein?]]*[[Angels of the Underground: Interview with Theresa Kaminski]]*[[Hodges' Scout: Interview with Len Travers]]</div>-----
<div class="portal" style="font-size:90%">==Book Reviews====Booklists{{#dpl:category=Book Review|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=*[[19th Century American Intellectual History Top Ten Booklist]]*[[Alexander the Great Top Ten Booklist]]*[[American Civil War Biographies Top Ten Booklist]]*[[American Legal History Top Ten Booklist]]*[[American Revolution Top Ten Booklist]]*[[Origins of the World War One - Top Ten Booklist]]*[[Social History of American Medicine Top Ten Booklist]]*[[The Best Historians and Books According to James McPherson]]*[[Top 10 Books on the origins of the Italian Renaissance]]</div>13}}
<div class="portal" >====Articles====Here are some of our most recently created and edited articles.{{#dpl:category=Wikis|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=8}}</div>----
<div class="portal">===Interviews====Blog Roll{{#dpl:category=Interviews|ordermethod=firstedit|order=descending|count=29}}-----
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