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Shantytown, USA: Interview with Lisa Goff

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[[File: Shantytown_USA.jpg |thumbnail|200px|<i>Shantytown, USA</i>|by Lisa Goff]]The [ Harvard University Press] recently published Lisa Goff's new book [ Shantytown, USA: Forgotten Landscapes of the Working Poor]. There's a chance that one of your American ancestors lived in an American shantytown. While we may not realize it now, shantytowns were a common feature of 19th century America. Goff's book explores not only how shantytowns became a prominent feature of America's towns and cities, but why middle class Americans eventually turned on them and their residents.
Lisa Goff is currently an Assistant Professor at the University of Virginia in the English Department and American Studies Program. She is also the director of the Institute for Public History. Before becoming a professor, Goff had a distinguished career as a business journalist. She was the Managing Editor for ''Crain's New York Business'' and wrote for numerous publications including ''Preservation'', ''Progressive Architecture'', ''Reader's Digest'', ''Working Women'' and ''Good Housekeeping''.

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