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Gilded Age/Progressive Era History Top Ten Booklist

Featured Booklist

American Colossus.jpeg

Creating a Top Ten List for the Gilded Age/Progressive Era is challenging. There are an extraordinary number of outstanding books on this period. These books are a selection of our favorites. Read more...

[[American Legal History Top Ten Booklist]

Featured Booklist

America's Constitution.jpg

These are our Top Ten legal history books. Why do we like these books? Besides being awesome, we believe that these are some of the most exciting legal history books we have read. These books helped us think about legal history in new ways. Read more...

History of Sex (American Version) Top Ten Booklist

Featured Booklist

The Straight State.jpg

These are our Top Ten History of Sex books (American Version). As per usual, we included some caveats and and explanations for our selections. First, this is a history of sex / history of sexuality list. We understand that there is a distinction but, for us, these two things blur together. Read more...

Media History Top Ten Booklist

Featured Booklist

Battle of Vicksburg, Kurz and Allison.png

As the calendar flipped from June to July in 1863 Gettysburg, a small market town founded in the soft, rolling hills of south central Pennsylvania on Samuel Gettys farm half a century before, was unknown to most Americans. Four days later, on July 4, it had become "The Most Famous Small Town in America," as boosters would come to call it. [[Why Was Vicksburg “The Gibraltar of the Confederacy?”]|Read more...]]

Social History of American Medicine Top Ten Booklist

Featured Booklist

Abortion in America.jpg

This is the Top Ten Social History of American Medicine Booklists. First, why did we leave Paul Starr’s The Social Transformation of American Medicine (Basic Books, 1984) off this Top Ten list? It is perhaps the best known American medical history book, and it is an essential reference. [[Social History of American Medicine Top Ten Booklist]|Read more...]]


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