Ways for Graduate Students to Avoid Uttering “Would You Like Fries with That?”

In a guest post at GradHacker.org, Ashley Sanders gives graduate students eight suggestions to help keep their heads above water during “one of the worst academic job markets in history.”  Instead of finding a new job, many graduate students are stuck hiding out in their department’s graduate program.

Would You Like Frys with That?

Would You Like Fries with That?

Sanders gives a number of good suggestions such as being proactive to locate new sources of funding.  She also wisely suggests looking for jobs that help you expand your resume beyond research and teaching.  Large numbers of university administrators are former academics who drifted to towards higher education management positions.  There is also a good chance that graduate students may find a job related to one of these side jobs as opposed to a tenure track job.

I would also personally recommend looking for positions that expose students to either grant writing and fundraising.  While tenure track teaching jobs are drying up, exceptionally well-paid fundraising jobs in academia are going unfilled.  While low level fundraising jobs initially may be poorly paid ($30,000+), experienced fundraisers quickly outpace the salaries of their academic colleagues.

She also recommends clarifying your career goals, networking and working with faculty advisors to create a strong portfolio.  These are just a few of her suggestions.

Check out her full post at Gradhacker.org by clicking on the link below.

When All Else Fails

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